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A DUI Conviction Can

Turn Your World Upside Down.

A guilty verdict in a DUI case in Hawai‘i will mean losing your driver’s license for a year. 

Maybe two to five days of imprisonment, 14 hours in a substance abuse rehabilitation program, a bunch of community service time, and the hassle of your life.  That’s for a first conviction.  

A DUI attorney must have legal skills plus scientific and technical knowledge.   

Top counselors may be able to keep blood alcohol evidence out of your case because of technically deficient results and still have to face down other prosecutorial evidence of impairment.  It’s not like defending a routine traffic charge.

DUI is a huge mistake, but not everyone charged is guilty. 

Sometimes, however, the accusation is true.  Of course, it is every defendant’s right to fight for penalties that will not be life-destroying.  The maximum consequences can be that severe, even when no harm has resulted from a first offense. 

Consulting a Lawyer About Taking Your Case Will Be Free. 

At King & King, the person you confer with will be your representative in court.  Whoever and wherever you consult, check credentials.  DUI expertise is critical.


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