Criminal Defense



How to Save Yourself Years Behind Bars.

Down-to-earth types make good criminal defenders. Here’s why.

They’re not full of themselves or a lot of BS.  They tend to be levelheaded and straight forward, so they can be very convincing.  They come to the table  with quick, well-prepared minds and obvious skills. Skills trump flash every time.

Legal skills take time to develop.  So do human skills.

Long experience gets to be vital. Not just in legal knowledge, but also in anticipating how the opposition is going to function and respond.  Decades of practice can result in high degrees of confidence. Chess can be a good teacher. 

The idea in federal cases is to cooperate early and often.

Knowing that is not enough. It takes an experienced defense attorney to set up the process, engage the proper people and prepare the defendant. This needs to happen during the investigation process, before charges are brought. 

Winning US, State and G.I. Trials for Years. 

Careful! Some attorneys have experience in Hawai‘i State courts; far fewer have any grasp of the Federal system; fewer still have practiced in a military Court-Martial setting.

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